FPV Filming: Choosing the Right Camera for Your Adventure

FPV Filming: Choosing the Right Camera for Your Adventure


FPV (First-Person View) filming has revolutionized the world of aerial photography and videography, offering a unique perspective that captivates viewers. At FPV Custom, we understand the importance of choosing the right camera for your FPV drone to ensure the best possible footage. In this guide, we will explore various types of cameras suited for FPV filming, focusing on popular models like the GoPro 9, GoPro 10, GoPro 11, GoPro 12, GoPro Mini 11, DJI Action 2, and Insta 360 Camera. We'll also delve into the significance of 3D printed parts like camera mounts, FPV camera cases, and FPV accessories, specifically tailored for frames such as TBS Source One V5, SpeedyBee Master5, among others.

The GoPro Series: A Staple in FPV Filming

GoPro 9 & 10

The GoPro 9 and 10 have been the go-to cameras for FPV enthusiasts. At FPV Custom, we offer FPV Camera Cases for these models, renowned for their robust build and exceptional image stabilization. They are perfect for mounting on various FPV frames, including the TBS Source One V5. The HyperSmooth technology in these cameras ensures smooth footage even in the most challenging flights.

GoPro 11 & 12

Advancing the series, the GoPro 11 and 12 bring enhanced features like improved resolution and frame rates, making them ideal for capturing high-action FPV footage. Our 3D Printed parts work seamlessly with these cameras, ensuring a secure and vibration-free fit on your FPV drone.

GoPro Mini 11

For those seeking a more compact option without compromising on quality, the GoPro Mini 11 is an excellent choice. Its smaller size makes it ideal for FPV drones, reducing the overall weight and improving maneuverability. FPV Custom offers TPU parts, along with customized 3D printed mounts to fit various FPV frames.

Alternative Options: DJI Action 2 and Insta 360

DJI Action 2

The DJI Action 2 stands out with its modular design, offering versatility for FPV filming. Its lightweight and compact form factor make it a favorite among FPV pilots. FPV Custom provides camera cases for the DJI Action 2, along with a range of accessories and mounts to enhance your FPV experience.

Insta 360 Camera

The Insta 360 Camera is another fantastic option for FPV filming, known for its 360-degree capture capability. This camera opens up new possibilities for immersive FPV footage. At FPV Custom, we offer the Insta360 cases along with specialized mounts to integrate it seamlessly into your FPV setup.

Enhancing Your FPV Setup with 3D Printed Parts

FPV filming is not just about the camera; it's also about how you mount and protect it. 3D printed parts play a crucial role in this regard. FPV Custom specializes in providing 3D printed TPU parts, including camera mounts and FPV camera cases, tailored for specific FPV frames like the SpeedyBee Master5. These parts ensure your camera is securely mounted and protected during flights, enhancing the durability of your setup.

Choosing the Right Frame

The choice of frame is crucial in FPV filming. Frames like the TBS Source One V5 and SpeedyBee Master5 are popular choices due to their sturdy build and compatibility with various cameras and accessories. At FPV Custom, we offer 3D printed parts for these frames along with a wide range of FPV 3D printed parts and accessories to customize your drone for optimal performance and unique footage.


FPV filming offers an exhilarating way to capture stunning aerial footage. Choosing the right camera and accessories is key to achieving the best results. Whether you prefer the GoPro series, DJI Action 2, or Insta 360 Camera, FPV Custom has you covered with a wide range of cameras, 3D printed parts, and frames to suit your FPV needs. Explore the world of FPV filming with the right gear and unleash your creativity in the skies!

About FPV Custom: We are a leading provider of FPV camera cases, 3D Printed part kits for various frames, and 3D printed accessories. Our mission is to enhance your FPV experience with high-quality products and expert advice. Visit us for all your FPV needs!

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