Where do you ship from?

All orders with 3D-printed parts are being shipped from Toronto, ON, Canada.
All orders with Apparel are being shipped from U.S.

My drone got damaged

FPV Custom is not responsible for any damages that may occur to the gear.

Are your parts universal?

No, any product on the website is designed for a specific frame, otherwise mentioned in the description.

My part does not fit / loose

Out parts are made to fit OEM specifications of your FPV frame. If you are unsure, please contact us at info@fpvcustom.com before you place an order.

What if I received damaged / defective items?

If you received damaged / defective items, contact us at info@fpvcustom.com

What currency are you selling in?

All items on our website are sold in U.S. Dollars.

Last update on the order was a long time ago?

Please use your ChitChats / Canada Post tracking page links, instead of the USPS, due to the lack of the most up to date information in the last one.

If the problem persists on ChitChats / Canada Post tracking page, please let us know at info@fpvcustom.com

My "Glow in the Dark" TPU doesnt light up in the dark

Our materials contain inorganic phosphors that capture light in the visible and ultraviolet spectra, only to radiate it back as a radiant glow. Meaning that in order for it to glow in the dark, it will need to get "charged" up during the day. Alternatively, you can test it in the dark by shining the light at it.